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MEI and its staff bring more than 50 years of combined experience to the strategic and programmatic procurement of electricity, natural gas, and fuel oil on behalf of its clients. MEI and its staff have assisted clients to procure, in the aggregate, more than:

Experience in Energy Markets. Mondre Energy has extensive experience in procuring electricity, natural gas, oil, and alternative energy sources for large-scale institutional clients in multiple states. We carefully monitor national and international energy markets, and are aggressive in achieving significant discounts for clients when energy can be purchased from competing suppliers.

Commodity Hedging Programs. MEI helps clients manage volatile energy prices in a rapidly shifting regulatory environment. MEI’s comprehensive hedging programs can yield significant savings and allow better control of energy costs. MEI has been very successful in using hedging strategies to limit client exposure to energy price fluctuations.

Rate Management. Many larger energy users are not aware that multiple billing options and rates can be negotiated with utility companies. Using a “tariff strategy,” MEI has helped many clients identify and take advantage of billing options that can lower costs and improve financial management.

Green Power Initiatives. MEI helps clients take advantage of financial and environmental opportunities available for renewable power sources. MEI feasibility studies help clients develop and/or acquire wind power and alternative energy solutions. MEI evaluates the efficacy and effectiveness of other renewable energy technologies including solar energy, fuel cells, geothermal energy, hydropower, and wind power. MEI’s portfolio of energy efficiency measures and renewable energy technologies can help many types of facilities achieve Zero Energy Building status.