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An Energy Strategic Plan can help large-scale energy users better manage their energy costs and consumption, enhancing both financial performance and environmental impact. At MEI, an Energy Strategic Plan encompasses and coordinates activities in four key areas of energy strategy and performance: auditing, procurement, funding, and policy.

An Energy Strategic Plan can guide management decision-making, and has the advantage of offering a holistic approach to energy management so that each element of the Plan enhances and supports the other elements.

Energy Strategic Planning

Energy Audits

Procurement and Management

  • Facilities/system analysis
  • Energy efficiency recommendations
  • Technical implementation advice
  • Renewable energy options
  • “Zero Energy Building” evaluation
  • Funding opportunities
  • RFQ/RFP development
  • Utility billing and account reconciliation
  • Load profiles
  • Rate modeling
  • Energy price forecasting
  • Shopping and hedge analysis
  • Portfolio diversification

Funding Opportunities


  • Grants
  • Manufacturer rebates
  • Federal, State, and local municipal funding (Act 129)
  • Organizational energy policy
  • Staffing/employment standards
  • Green energy standards
  • Fleet management standards
  • Sustainability

MEI has developed Energy Strategic Plans for scores of clients, including very large and complex, multi-facility organizations and institutions in the educational, government and public utility, manufacturing, healthcare, social service, and non-profit sectors. We are expert at understanding the implications of using green and alternative energies, and routinely help clients identify and procure green energy for either all or a portion of their energy needs. MEI’s expertise in Energy Strategic Plan development is built upon the broad experience of our staff, including: