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Mondre Energy an Approved COSTARS Supplier

(April 2012) MEI has been certified as an approved COSTARS provider in the state of Pennsylvania. COSTARS is Pennsylvania's exclusive cooperative purchasing program that allows its members—municipalities, school districts, colleges and universities, health facilities, and others—to access services through a simplified bidding and contracting process.

As a COSTARS supplier, MEI is approved to provide a range of services to COSTARS members, including energy audits, brokerage services, rate auditing, utility bill auditing, energy market analysis and other areas.

"MEI has long worked with municipalities, schools and school districts, and hospitals within southeastern Pennsylvania," said Judith Mondre, "and we have been able to save these institutions significant money on energy related costs. With COSTAR certification, we can now look to work with similar institutions across the state."

For information on MEI's services under the COSTARS program, please contact Judith Mondre at 215-988-0577 or jmondre@mondreenergy.com.