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Why did Philadelphia enact this law?

Philadelphia joins a growing number of major cities—including New York; Washington, D.C.; Austin; Seattle; and San Francisco—requiring commercial building owners to benchmark their buildings’ energy and water usage. The law is designed to encourage greater energy efficiency in commercial properties by making energy use data more widely available to building owners and potential tenantsor buyers. Cities where similar laws have been enacted have seen significant improvement in energy use and cost reduction.

What buildings are subject to the law?

All buildings within Philadelphia of 50,000 square feet or more of interior space used for “commercial” purposes, including such space within a mixed-use building. The law affects non-residential buildings owned by cultural, institutional, educational, and social service organizations.

What must building owners do?

Building owners must collect (annually and on a calendar year basis) electric, gas, oil, steam, and water consumption data, along with building attributes data (for example, hours of operation and occupancy counts) and prepare for each building a Statement of Energy Performance using the US EPA’s ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager. Building owners must document their efforts to gather tenants’ data for inclusion with the building’s overall consumption and attributes data. The Statement of Energy Performance must be made available upon request to prospective tenants and purchasers.

What is the deadline to comply?

The initial Statement of Energy Performance must be available no later than October 31, 2013 for calendar year 2012. After that, the annual Statement of Performance must be available by June 30 for the preceding calendar year.

What are the penalties for non-compliance?

Building owners may be assessed a $300 fine for the first 30 days the Statement of Energy Performance is late, with a $100 per day penalty for each additional day the Statement is late. Other penalties may apply.

Why should I work with Mondre Energy?

Mondre Energy will make compliance easy. Compiling and analyzing the type of energy data required for the new law is usually not a core function for most building owners. Not only is Mondre Energy expert at energy data analysis and reporting, we are accustomed to working with the numerous utility providers, and City and government agencies involved. Our expertise will help you comply with the Benchmarking Law efficiently and accurately, and can help you manage your energy and utility related capital and operating costs.

How do I get started?

Please contact Judith Mondre by calling 215-988-0577 or by e-mail at