Products and Services


Strategic Energy Management Plan Development and Implementation. MEI’s energy planning process begins with facility energy audits and feasibility studies of energy efficiency measures. MEI uses its analytical, engineering, legal, regulatory, and financial expertise to develop comprehensive energy programs that incorporate best practices, innovative procedures, and support for key management and facility personnel. MEI strategies are flexible, specific, and custom-designed for each client in a way that provides quantifiable and verifiable benchmarks for success.

Load Profile Analysis. MEI evaluates energy use and demand patterns to find opportunities for improvement. We identify and correct operational issues to ensure that each client facility is functioning at maximum energy efficiency.

Account Reconciliation and Bill Auditing. Utilities and suppliers generate thousands of billing statements. In our experience, errors are not uncommon, and can often represent significant costs to clients. MEI’s Energy Insight System© analyzes client utility bills and verifies their accuracy. When errors are discovered, we help clients get refunds or adjustments.

Measurement and Monitoring. MEI’s baseline studies of facility energy usage help to identify cost-reduction and efficiency-improvement opportunities. We develop measurement and monitoring strategies so clients can better manage energy consumption and cost, including the capability for remote, web-based control of building energy systems.

Cost and Rate Analysis. Where a project involves rate modeling or calculations, MEI will verify the accuracy of the model by using inputs from customer utility bills and comparing the model output with the actual bill.

Project Financing Analysis and Project Management. MEI understands the multiple financing options clients can face in making capital investments for energy. Whether clients are considering internal funds, debt financing, lease or lease-purchase agreements, or energy performance contracts, MEI helps achieve additional cost savings by structuring financing arrangements that yield net positive cash flow as quickly as possible.