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Energy Engineer

Vishakhdutt Ranade

Vishakhdutt Ranade is a mechanical engineer with a focus on energy assessments in industrial and commercial facilities, LEED rating, baseline energy consumption analysis, and monitoring and verification of utility and supplier billing. His project works includes analyzing data and energy flows in connection with HVAC, domestic hot water, chillers, lighting and compressed air systems. He has also developed models for simulating real-time response for automobile vapor compression systems operating under variable temperature and occupancy conditions. He has investigated thermal energy storage technologies and validated modeling concerning the effect of phase change polymers on heat sink performance.

For a regional office campus Mr. Ranade has analyzed 5-minute interval data to calculate end-user energy pricing in order to compare costs between energy suppliers. He has also developed utility rate calculators for a large grocery chain to help determine optimal power contract prices. For the DoD he has participated in the development of a systems engineering plan for the implementation of an advance metering infrastructure (AMI) project.

Mr. Ranade assisted the Maryland Department of General Services by automating the downloading and delivery of utility bills for subsequent OCR scanning and database entry. He also has prepared a sub-metering plan for a 470 MGD wastewater treatment plant to determine system specific energy use and the subsequent development of energy benchmarks. For a regional public transportation agency, he is providing technical review of vendor proposals for energy performance contracting.

Mr. Ranade has also performed state-wide facility condition assessments on various types of properties for the State of Rhode Island. He also performed facility condition assessments of high rises and townhomes for the City of Newark Housing Authority.

Mr. Ranade’s skills set includes MATLAB, R, and AutoCAD.

Professional Summary