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Energy Engineer

Shreesha Muthyala

Shreesha Muthyala has design, engineering and fabrication experience, and brings strong problem solving skills to Mondre Energy’s clients. He has developed energy efficiency plans producing savings in excess of $150,000 annually, and hedging strategies to mitigate volatile fuel costs. He created a partial 6 Sigma analysis for boiler and feed water systems to reduce deposition and corrosion. Mr. Muthyala provided a range of welding-related services, including sheet metal fabrication and non-destructive visual and physical testing. He performed on-site systems safety analysis to ensure integrity of mechanical systems. He assisted in permitting and implementing a groundwater remediation system. He designed a mathematical model for a 2.5-ton hydraulic actuated motion platform.

Mr. Muthyala’s programming and IT skills include MATLAB, NI LabVIEW, ANSYS, LS DYNA, PTC Creo, Maple, Java and C++. Applications have included utilizing NI LabView for collecting and analyzing motion and control data from sensors and accelerometers, and programming Arduini microcontrollers to read and process pressure and velocity sensor signals for comparison to lift forces.

At Mondre Energy, Mr. Muthyala is performing measurement and verification of energy savings for Navigant Consulting, Inc., on behalf of PECO Energy, related to utility-sponsored energy efficiency and conservation programs during Phase II of Pennsylvania Act 129 of 2008. He verifies installed energy efficiency measures, collects necessary usage data and does subsequent analysis to calculate realized energy savings.

He has inspected housing facilities and created condition assessments for the Philadelphia Housing Authority pursuant to HUD’s Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program. He conducted research and analysis to determine the efficacy of a thermal analysis program and modeled thermal losses due to infiltration and conduction in homes. For the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC), he has conducted energy audits for industrial and commercial sites and recommended energy conservation measures in connection with the development of an on-bill financing program for the Philadelphia Navy Yard.

For the State of Rhode Island, he is performing physical condition assessments of a diverse set of government-owned buildings and complexes. He also performed facility condition assessments of high rises and townhomes for the City of Newark Housing Authority. For a major transportation authority, he has reviewed energy service company proposals for the design and implementation of energy conservation measures in non-traction facilities.

Professional Summary