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Director, Energy Market Research and Analysis

Kenneth R. Young

Ken Young has over 30 years of experience in the nuclear utility and energy industries both as an engineer and a software programmer. At Mondre Energy, Mr. Young is a member of our engineering team and is also responsible for developing and adapting decision-support software within clients' organizations. He works with engineers, IT personnel, and management to identify enterprise-wide and inter-departmental needs and to create technology solutions. Mr. Young's background includes work with PECO Energy, where he supported the design and operation of nuclear facilities, including the development of databases for reactor control blade exposure and special nuclear material tracking. While there, Mr. Young was also responsible for conducting plant assessments to ensure safety and regulatory compliance. His work at Mondre Energy has included engineering analysis, statistical analysis, database and software development, energy budget development and tracking, commercial building audits, and detailed analysis of electric and natural gas pricing dynamics. Mr. Young is certified by the Building Performance Institute as both a Building Analyst Professional and a Multifamily Building Analyst Professional. Mr. Young holds a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering from Penn State.

Mr. Young’s expertise includes:

Utility Management Software Development: Mr. Young is part of the MEI team that developed a utility tracking database that allows clients to select a utility type by facility. The system conducts instant bill reconciliations using built-in tariff rates that have saved clients millions of dollars. Numerous reporting capabilities supported management decision-making, procurement activities, strategic planning, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) calculations, and baseline development for energy services projects.

Tariff Modeling: Mr. Young has developed bundled and unbundled tariff models and auditing capability for utilities in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, and other states. These models support bill auditing, tariff analysis, development of “shopping credits,” and evaluation of the impact of deregulation and commodity purchasing.

Energy Market Analysis: Mr. Young’s market analysis of the electricity markets in the PEPCO, BGE, and Allegheny service territories supported the procurement of third party electricity for Montgomery County, MD, and surrounding municipalities. The County solicited and evaluated bids using a database software package developed for the purpose of evaluating multiple bids on different sets of accounts.

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