Our Team

Energy Engineer

David Sobel provides a range of services and expertise to clients in areas including energy audits, data analysis, alternative energy, and emerging technologies. For the Philadelphia Phillies, Mr. Sobel has analyzed a range of equipment and systems for energy savings measures, including refrigeration, combined heat and power, and geothermal heat pumps. He has also evaluated environmental systems for nitrous oxide control. While in college, Mr. Sobel developed experience in supporting pharmaceutical research. His senior design project focused on fuel cell technology and its storage capabilities. Mr. Sobel is certified as a Building Analyst Professional and a Multifamily Building Analyst Professional by the Building Performance Institute, and is certified as a Measurement & Verification Professional (in training) by the Association of Energy Engineers.

Mr. Sobel’s expertise includes:

Measurement and Verification: As part of his experience in energy audits, Mr. Sobel has developed expertise in measurement and verification procedures used to analyze and confirm energy savings in both the residential and commercial/industrial sectors.

New Technology Analysis: Mr. Sobel analysis of new energy technologies helps clients understand the cost/benefit of implementing energy efficiency programs.

Professional Summary