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Energy Engineer

Aditya Saxena

Aditya Saxena is a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) with five years of experience in crude oil and gas processing as a Process Engineer. In this role he successfully reduced steam, natural gas and compressed air demand at a crude oil processing facility which resulted in savings of more than $600,000 per year. He also prepared a passivation plan for a newly constructed petrochemical plant that prevented $15 million in equipment losses. His interests include demand reduction, the implementation of ECMs, economic evaluation of energy projects, HVAC and lighting systems. In addition, his programming skills include knowledge of Python.

At Mondre Energy, Mr. Saxena has estimated energy savings and economic payback for lighting retrofit and chiller replacement projects at a local University. For a peak power generation facility he evaluated the cost impacts of switching to LNG as a replacement for natural gas on a $/MMBTU basis. To support a CHP project at a University campus he created a model to estimate the CHP system’s capability to provide outside air heating and chiller based cooling.

To assist the City of Philadelphia evaluate its own sustainability programming, he prepared a case study that analyzed the sustainability goals and implementation strategies for selected cities across the U.S. He also worked with the City of Philadelphia to reduce its carbon footprint by analyzing CO2 emissions per MWh versus power plant efficiency. This study was used to support decision making on alternative power generation technologies.

For the New York Power Authority, he assisted with technical and financial evaluation of ground source heat pump projects for funding by NYPA and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.

Professional Summary